About Me

Hi again! I’m grateful you’ve stopped by. Here’s a little more about me…

I was born and raised in Michigan and am 100% Greek. My roots in both my heritage and home state stretch deep and I’m proud of both. Alongside my parents, I was raised with a pack of wild wolves–my three brothers. My parents are first-generation immigrants and each day I can’t believe I get to call them mine.

My father instilled a strong sense of education within me which is where my two graduate degrees come into play. He clawed his way through five different colleges (with a lot of failure) until he earned his law degree with no support other than his own. I always say that I would go to school forever if someone could pay me for it. So, naturally, teaching feels like home.

My mother was a stay-at-home-mom. From her, I learned the true nature of what it means to be selfless. There are days I struggle executing this, but am trying every single day. I’m grateful I had her in my life showing me that you’ll never be sorry when you grab an opportunity to give to someone else.

I met my husband Brad at Albion College when we were just 19, and very immature. We messed up a lot and broke up too many times to count—on both hands. But today we stand strong and are getting pretty good at loving each other unconditionally. Together, we have two children: a son (7) and a daughter (5). They’ve both humbled and taught me a lot about myself and life.

Outside of writing and teaching writing, I love exploring with my family. We often head into the woods and splash in the lakes during our captivating Michigan summers. And because I am a real-life mama bear who likes to hibernate unless the sun is shining, we try to travel anywhere warm during our harsh winters. I also enjoy running and working out, but if I’m being honest, some months I’m really good at staying on track while others I really suck at it.

One thing that I’m working on as a human is being more vulnerable. I finally realized that always being the strong one could hurt me (and my relationships) in the long run. So, now I let those who love me know when I’m struggling and try to shed my tough armor by asking for help.

Lastly, supporting women pulses within me. There is always room for another. I try to teach my kids this with their friends, too. I take my fingers, make a circle and say, “It’s important not to create circles with your friends. See, no one can get inside this circle.”

Then I open my fingers and create a U. “Make a U instead—that way anyone can come into your group and it’s never sealed off.”

This is my hope for women in my life as well. I aspire to encourage women to listen to the whispers deep inside of them. It takes a lot of practice. But we all can do it.

Thanks again for stopping by. It means a lot to me.


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