When I became a mom, I realized how much I had to say. And the fact that I always loved to write made me wonder if I could write (and get paid) about this wild motherhood journey. So, if you’re anything like me, mentoring will help YOU accomplish your writing goals at a much quicker pace. When I got started, I spent countless hours researching and inhaling everything I could. I will share all of this and more. I hope to demystify getting published and show you how to start a fulfilling freelance writing career (or hobby) specifically in the parenting niche. Above all, I hope to encourage you to use your voice. Because, after all, your words could not only change your life—but someone else’s, too.

Here is what you’ll get out mentoring:

  • One month of mentoring
  • Two 30-minute phone calls
  • Email correspondence to help you strategize how to accomplish your writing goals
  • A line-edited piece of writing coached twice with suggestions of where to submit for publication
  • Tips on growing your social media page(s)
  • The opportunity to ask questions about the writing and publication process

Email for this service and make your payment below.

Background: I have been published in Good Morning America, Good Housekeeping, Parents, Your Teen, What’s Up Moms, She Knows Parenting, Scary Mommy, Motherly, Her View From Home, and many more. I am a writer and writing instructor with graduate degrees in both English and counseling. I am passionate about raising empathetic kids and empowering women with their words and beyond. I am currently at-work on my first book, a memoir.  

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“Everyone needs Angela in their corner. Honest, sharp, and insightful, her mentorship not only encouraged me to start writing professionally, but her excellent guidance helped me place pieces immediately with publishers like Scary Mommy, Motherwell, and Her View From Home.” ~ Lisa Norgren

“Writing was merely a fantasy for me when I met Angela and discovered she was a freelance writer for several of my favorite publications. When I casually asked about it, she immediately offered her help. Before I had even committed to trying, she passed along an incredible writing opportunity and has been encouraging and guiding me ever since. Now I’m writing for the same publications where I’ve been reading her and other successful writers work for years. Angela has a true passion for helping others and a tenacious work ethic. Without her, writing would still be a pipe dream for me.” ~ Christine Derengowski

“Angela Anagnost Repke is an inspiring and thoughtful mentor to me as I stepped slowly into the world of writing. Angela’s ability to be both critical and also unfailingly supportive was exactly what a novice writer needs when beginning to put words to paper. Her critique elevated every piece she read of mine in a myriad of ways. However, it was her enthusiastic encouragement and sincere support that truly championed my desire to continue down the path of writing and of eventually submitting and having pieces published online. Angela is detailed, exact and discerning in her critiques. She looks at both format as well as content and offers specific instruction on how to rephrase or adjust wording to improve a particular passage. Her knowledge is evident from the first edit to the last. I’m incredibly grateful to call her a mentor. ” ~ Theresa McArleton

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